Monday, February 18, 2019


The aging population is growing and families are searching for solutions including housing for their seniors who want to remain in their homes and not go to an institution. There are numerous possibilities available for positive solutions that need consideration before making important decisions.  It is best to make these decisions in advance of a health issue demanding quick decisions!

Designing solutions make good sense.  With these design options, planning with a budget and how to implement them makes even better sense! Remodeling bathrooms, as is usually the case, to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers for use of toilet and showering needs, is typically high on the "To Do" list. Researching remodeling contractors for design/build options including the costs has huge benefits.  This is a smart move.  And it is time to face reality about the aging issues in advance.

Obvious changes include no area rugs in traffic pattern areas.  Non slip flooring is a must. Grab bars are important. Good lighting for reading and ambiance are easy fixes. Upgrading the home with materials, plumbing, lighting, HVAC, insulation, window and door replacements as needed are just some of the areas to be considered for safety and comfort. Did I mention NO STAIRS?

Staying at home is possible and preferrable.  Make it a WIN WIN with a home that accomodates aging well!

Jeanne Cloos

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